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Design Analyses

Our Process

Design Analysis

At Bernardo Metal Products, every project starts with our customer’s design.  Whether it be a technical drawing, a sample or a sketch on a cocktail napkin, we can assist in the process of going from a design to a product.

When talking to our customers about their product goals, end use and technical specifications, we want to understand each part and component and how it ties into their larger design picture.

Their design is analyzed, based on various factors, primarily safety, cost, risk, timelines and robustness.   We also look at whether their design is appropriate for the product or part to be produced, the proposed materials being called out by the desiger, and whether any innovation can be applied to make it more cost-effective and safe.

Often we are able to suggest changes to our customers’ designs, in order to help them achieve lower cost, better product performance, improved lead time and lower inventory costs.

Do you have a design in mind but are not sure about how to execute it?   Talk to us about helping you to convert your idea into reality.

Cost Analysis

After we have worked with our customer to ensure that their design will achieve the goals they have set out for their own business, we work to optimize the engineering, materials and fabrication processes we will use, taking into consideration safety factors, adherence to applicable standards and quality assurance.

We also make sure that functionality and aesthetics of the product are not only optimized but also meet our client’s requirements, to protect their reputations and relationships with their customers.

Parts and Components make up the bulk of production costs.  Bearing this in mind, we try to offer various process and manufacturing techniques to pass along cost savings wherever possible.

With Bernardo’s expertise and experience, we aim to use the most economical methods to manufacture products which help to make a positive contribution to our customers competitiveness and profitability.

Project Management

Metal fabrication projects often require many complex steps to get from the initial concept to fabricating the product. Bernardo Metal Products is an ISO 900-2015 certified company and this means we are expected to follow a systematic project management cycle with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

We use contemporary planning techniques and extensive experience to successfully manage every project. We also prepare strategies and plans to provide utmost safety and to minimize or eliminate any possible bottleneck. We ensure that we deliver quality items on time and within budget.

When you get a project completed by Bernardo Metal Products, you can be assured that it is in the hands of a capable and experienced team.

Talk to us to let us know how you would like your next project to be managed.


We have the capability to assemble your final product as per specifications.

We have state-of-the-art CNC benders and cutting capabilities which give us precise measurements and clean edges. Fabrication and welding are also done in-house. Our competent technical team will ensure product specifications are met and follow rigorous quality processes throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Quality Control

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which means that a rigorous well established quality control process is in place and mandatory standards and practices are followed. Quality Management focuses on a number of factors including a strong customer support, management and employee engagements, process approach and continual improvement.

At Bernardo Metal Products we are strongly committed to the delivery of superior quality products. The quality process begins right from the moment where we are given a product design and asked for our quotation. Quality controls and checks are in place throughout the entire manufacturing process up to finishing. Even packaging and storing processes are inspected.

With our emphasis on quality this means you as a customer are at minimum risk of receiving faulty or sub-standard products, saving you from costly mistakes as well as saving time and costs of having to get your items remade.